Month Year Title  Location Director Producer
May 1964 Squaring the Circle Memorial Theater Tony Coleman
May 1965 Visit to a Small Planet Memorial Theater

Feb. 1966 Arsenic and Old Lace Memorial Theater Andy Hopkins
May 1966 The Lark Memorial Theater Tony Coleman
Dec. 1966 Mousetrap Memorial Theater Liz Stopher
Apr. 1967 Male Animal Memorial Theater Bill Jennings Ron Bowers
Fall 1967 Monkey's Paw Mt. Gilead Bill Jennings
Nov./Dec. 1967 Night of January 16th Memorial Theater Don Rice Tony Coleman
Nov. 1968 Crawling Arnold The Alcove Don Rice George Engle
Feb. 1969 The President's Coming The Alcove Don Rice George Engle
Feb. 1971 I'm Herbert/Footsteps of Doves The Alcove Don Rice Don Rice
Nov.  1971 The Subject was Roses Congregational Church Liz Stopher
Feb. 1972 Next The Alcove Don Rice Don Rice
June 1972 Director's Workshop Green Valley Grange Debbi Camp

Exclusive Model

Ghost Sonata

Sept. 1972 The Bad Children Moose Club

Feb.  1973 The Telephone Country Club Liz Stopher
May  1973 Last Straw Green Valley Grange Don Rice Don Rice
June 1973 10th Anniversary Celebration Mt. Vernon H.S. Debbi Camp Ned Brooks
Oct./Nov 1974 Wait Until Dark St. Vincent's Sam Barone Margaret Hoeflich
Nov.  1974 Prospect PA Memorial Theater W.C. Goldsmith Steve Allerding
Feb. 1975 The Last Straw/Covention The Alcove Don Rice Sam Barone
Feb.  1976 Dr. Fish/The Chinese
Sharon Peterson Sharon Peterson

Don Rice
Feb.  1977 The Owl and the Pussycat The Alcove Mary Rugola Mary Rugola
Feb.  1978 Jacques Brel is Alive and Well Country Club Fred Lewis Fred Lewis

and living in Paris

May  1978 Jacques etc. OSU Mansfield

Feb.  1979 The Good Doctor The Alcove Don Rice Dick Olmstead
July 1979 Sneaker Theater Memorial Park MVP
Feb. 1980 Let Him Sleep Till its Time The Alcove Penney Goering Teri Leonard

for His Funeral

March 1980 Puppet Show -'Mount Vernon  Mt. Vernon H.S. MVP MVP

Is' - Celebration

March  1981 Eat Your Heart Out The Alcove Tom Musgrave Helen Lantz
Dec. 1981 Director's Workshop

Margaret Boyd

Mike Cooper

Crawling Arnold
Tim Kahrl
Jan.  1982 Winterfare

Birdbath The Alcove Mike Cooper

Operation Home Shelter
Don Rice

Crawling Arnold
Tim Kahrl
April  1982 Goin Ape The Alcove Jim Stamper Tom Musgrave
Feb. 1982 Prime Time Underage Players Country Club Mary Rugola Ellie Solomon
March 1983 All in a Day's Work Acension Hall Darren Ayers MVP
Aug. 1983 Musical Games Acension Hall Darren Ayers MVP/Bruce Jacklin
Feb. 1986 Love & Death/Some Poe The Alcove Cate Blair-Wilhelm

Fifteen Minutes
Don Rice/Tim Kahrl

Visitors from Forest Hills

July  1986 Three Course Serving of Life The Alcove Cate Blair-Wilhelm

Rupert's Birthday
Chris Blackburn

Fine Line
Bruce Jacklin

Actor's Nightmare

Oct./Nov. 1986 Bad Seed The Alcove Bruce Jacklin Tom Metcalf

Heidi Sarvis Lynn Manner
Dec.  1986 Here's Love Memorial Theater Roger Paul Lovell Licking Co. Players

Spons. By MVP
Feb. 1987 Lover's Leap The Alcove Earl Larimore Tom Metcalf
Aug. 1987 Same Time Next Year The Alcove Robin Rauzi Lisa Steury
Oct. 1987 Butterflies are Free The Alcove Bob Krantz Susan Moreland
Feb. 1988 Pink Thunderbird The Alcove Susan Kahrl Tom Metcalf

Laundry & Bourbon

Lone Star

Oct. 1988 Alone Together The Alcove Jim Stamper Bruce Jacklin
Feb.  1989 The Anniversary The Alcove Perry Brokaw Tom Metcalf
Jul.  1989 Odd Couple (Female Version) The Alcove Melinda Reilly
Nov. 1989 Death Trap The Alcove Lisa Thatcher Barbara Thatcher
Mar.  1990 Marriage, Murder & Mayhem Rosse Hall Bruce Jacklin
Jul. 1990 Pvt.  Wars The Alcove Brooke Stanley Bruce Jacklin
Oct.  1990 The Musical Comedy Revue The Alcove Barbara Thatcher Lee Ensminger

(Cabaret type thing with Encore 

performances Feb. 91 at the 

Alcove, Central Region O.C.T.A.

Fest - June '91)

Mar.  1991 Lily The Felon's Daughter The Alcove Rick Sowash Kathy Bomba
Jul. 1991 Squabbles The Alcove Mary Francis Hupp
Nov. 1991 Nunsense The Alcove Pam Palm Lynn Darling

Memorial Theater

Jan. 1992 Amahl and the Night Visitors Mt. Vernon H.S. Jean Foster
Feb.  1992 The Foreigner The Alcove Bruce Jacklin Mary Francis Hupp
Apr.  1992 Jacques Brel is Alive and Well The Alcove Steven Self Susan Kahrl

and living in Paris

Jul. 1992 Is There Life After High School The Alcove Joe & Martha Bell Kathy Bomba
Nov. 1992 Steel Magnolias The Alcove Bruce Jacklin Henry Parker

Memorial Theater

Nov.  1992 Christmas and the Woodward Woodward Opera Hs. Barbara Thatcher
Mar.  1993 The Fantasticks The Alcove Lisa Thatcher Barbara Thatcher
Jul.  1993 Daddy's Dying, Who's  The Alcove Bruce Jacklin Bruce Jacklin

Got the Will?

Nov. 1993 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest The Alcove Daniel P. Turner Mary Francis Hupp
Oct. 1994 To Gillian on her 37th Birthday The Alcove Lisa Thatcher Barbara Thatcher
Mar.  1995 Early One Evening at the The Alcove Bruce Jacklin

Rainbow Bar and Grill

Aug. 1995 Vanities The Alcove Daniel P. Turner John Nixon
Jan. 1996 Greater Tuna The Alcove Aara Wise Rus Tier
Jul. 1996 Nunsense The Alcove The Little Sisters Barbara Thatcher

Lynn Jurkowitz
Feb. 1997 The Boys Next Door The Alcove Bruce Jacklin Sadie Hunter
Mar.  1998 Prelude to a Kiss The Alcove Jacqueline Allen Bruce Jacklin
Apr.  1999 Love, Laughter & Other The Parrish House

Human Conditions

Nov.  1999 Rumors The Alcove Bruce Jacklin Bruce Jacklin
Jan. 2000 Alibis The Alcove Jacqueline Allen Susan Kahrl

& The Convention Ctr.
Amy K. Clawson
Nov. 2000 Amatures The Alcove Bruce Jacklin Bruce Jacklin
Feb.  2001 The Amorous Flea The Alcove Joe Bell
Jul.  2001 Proposals The Alcove Jacqueline Allen
Nov. 2001 Catch Me If You Can The Alcove Bruce Jacklin Bruce Jacklin
Feb. 2002 Love, Sex, and the IRS The Alcove Bruce Jacklin Bruce Jacklin
Jul. 2002 The Odd Couple (Female Version) The Alcove Deb Gallardo Deb Gallardo
Feb. 2003 Breaking Legs The Alcove Bruce Jacklin Bruce Jacklin
Nov. 2003 Later Life
John Kuhn John Kuhn
Nov. 2003 Who's on First The Alcove Daniel P. Turner Paula Turner
Feb. 2004 Barefoot in the Park The Alcove Ian Ernsberger Amy K. Clawson
Nov. 2004 I Hate Hamlet The Alcove Bruce Jacklin Bruce Jacklin
April  2005 Cabaret Country Club Katie Delozier Amy K. Clawson
May  2006 Weekend Comedy Sips Jim Stamper Cory Ward

(also presented for O.C.T.A.  
Daniel P. Turner

June 2006 -- awarded "Merit

for Ensemble" and "Merit for 


June 2006 Kids Say the Darndest Things Sips Mike Petee
Oct 2006 Love Letters Sips John Kuhn Mike Petee
Oct 2007 Olly Olly Oxen Free ThePlace@TheWoodward Robbi Rice Daniel Turner
June 2008 With Pen In Hand ThePlace@TheWoodward Mark Jordan Mike Petee
Nov 2008 Good Help Is So Hard To Murder ThePlace@TheWoodward Daniel P. Turner Chris Petee
May 2009 Murder On the Oriental Rug Southside Diner Ira Mowery Nancy Jantsch
Jul 2009 The Effects Of Gamma Rays On Man-In-the-Moon Marigolds ThePlace@TheWoodward Dayne Baughman Dayne Baughman
Sep 2009 Steel Magnolias ThePlace@TheWoodward Diane Langley Diane Langley
April  2010 A Night of One Acts ThePlace@TheWoodward
Daniel Turner

Diane Langley

     Home Free
Jesse Miller

     The Worker
Ira Mowery
Aug 2010 The Odd Couple ThePlace@TheWoodward Daniel P. Turner Daniel Turner
May 2011 Paragraphs ThePlace@TheWoodward Dianne Langley Daniel Turner
Aug 2011 Wait Until Dark ThePlace@TheWoodward Dorothy Michalski Daniel Turner
April 2012 Conversations In Cars ThePlace@TheWoodward Dorothy Michalski Daniel Turner
Feb 2013 What? ThePlace@TheWoodward Tammy Souhrada Tammy Souhrada
May 2013 Love Letters Sips Aaron Pauley Aaron Pauley
Mar 2014 Pink Thunderbird ThePlace@TheWoodward Don Lincicome Jim Stoner
June 2014 Love, Loss and What I Wore ThePlace@TheWoodward Tammy Souhrada Ira Mowery
Dec 2015 Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol The Gallagher Center Ira Mowery Ira Mowery
Jan 2016 The Black Cyclone The Memorial Theater Jim Stoner Jim Stoner
April 2016 Forever Plaid The Grand Hotel Amy Stoner Jim Stoner
Mar 2017 The Lilies Of the Field MVNU - Thorne Hall Ira Mowery Steve Jefferson
Oct 2017 The Gin Game The Grand Hotel Jim Stoner Perry Brokaw
April  2018 Life Lesons: A Night of One Acts The Grand Hotel
Amy K. Stoner

     Learning To Drive Written/Directed by: Tammy Souhrada

     Dancing On Clouds Written/Directed by: Ira Mowery

     What? Written/Directed by: Tammy Souhrada

     The Novel Written/Directed by: Dawn Lechner